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application... [Mar. 17th, 2006|01:42 pm]


[mood |blankblank]
[music |london after midnight: "where good girls go to die"]

to be quite honest, i've never used an lj cut...so i hope this works or i have unintentionally broken the rules...which would NOT look very good, now would it?


Name: amanda

Nicknames: miss manda bear

Age: 18

Location: virginia

Gender: female

Sexual preference: straight

Cigarettes/Alcohol/Drugs: yes/sometimes/no

Body-Mods: 7 piercings; one tattoo (with more on the way)

pets: one amazing wonder-kitty, two snakes, one dog

hobbies: photography, music (piano, guitar, bass..and listening of course), drawing, collages, movies, etc...

Name 5 of your favorite bands
1. bella morte (one should love what she promotes)
2. london after midnight
3. skinny puppy
4. suicide commando
5. funker vogt

Song that describes your life: "evensong" by bella morte

Name 5 of your favorite movies
1. alice in wonderland
2. requiem for a dream
3. clockwork orange
4. hedwig and the angry inch
5. bram stoker's dracula

Favorite horror movie: wow, i've been watching these since i was 3...difficult decision...most zombie movies fit here, really.

Favorite book: "lewis carroll: the complete, fully-illustrated, works" or "i, lucifer"

Favorite makeup item: eyeliner is an important part of my lif support system

Favorite color(s): neon green (mostly for synthetic hair), purple, red...

Favorite animal: bat(more specifically...flying fox. i will have one some day)

Tell us something ghoulish about yourself: i used to want to be a forensic photographer...you know, the ones they call to the crime scene to get pictures of the mangled corpse before they move them? *nods* ....still do in some ways, but i decided english was just as good a major...

What makes you a ghoulish guy or gal: i see beauty in morbid things (then again, i think most people do...it's just a matter of whether or not you choose to admit it); zombie movies make me laugh and are an ultimate form of happiness for me; everytime i watch "silence of the lambs"...it gets funnier (i question my mental health sometimes with that one); i generally just love "ghoulish" things...

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i've just put one of these on my user info page...so anyone that visits me will see it

Now post at least 3 or more photos of yourself :
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